About Us

July 12, 2015



             After working in the wireless telecommunications industry in the early 2000s, being leaders on the Eastern European & Balkan region, with services being provided in a great number of emerging markets, the market found a sharp turn and an extraordinary technology boost took place, thus the need to rethink a strategy emerged. 

           We have come to the conclusion that nowadays it is almost impossible not to operate in multiple fields and to not be specialized in different industries given the synergetic nature of technology today and the industry interdependent projects our customers require. 

Therefore, in the present our company takes pride in dealing with providing solutions for, but not limited to*, the following:

  •  Engineering Solutions, ranging from providing industrial equipment to analyzing the present cost effectiveness of your implemented systems and suggesting newer alternatives with higher outputs.
  •  Power Solutions,  achieving this by developing and carrying out the installing of ecologic and cost saving systems harnessing the power of nature whether it is solar, wind or ground-to-air heat pumps.
  •  Telecommunications, given the vast past experience of working in this domain, we provide the latest tech systems developed by industry leaders in the domain for optimum, safe and reliable communications.
  •  Emergency Services, for corporate clients that are in need of special equipment ranging from small items such as radio systems up, but not limited*, to special intervention vehicles such as ATVs equipped with snow tracks, extinguishers and others.
  • Large Scale IT, for clients that require advanced networking frameworks, as well as IT infrastructures.

In all the domains, we work alongside and using the help of other industry operators to grant 100% performance and reliability.


*for personalized solutions, special requirements or other inquiries regarding services or products not listed on this website, please contact us at the address found in the Contact page.