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areas of operation

Providing powerful and performant solutions for the following


Modern telecommunication systems ranging from physical PTT radios to digital means of communications such as VoIP and text exchanging servers. Options range and are entirely dependent on our customers needs, every solution being personalized for any particular project.


State of the art alternative-means energy solutions for corporate as well as personal usage. To bring you the most performance oriented products, we work only with the top brands and industry leaders in the domain.


Corporate clients require corporate solutions, reason for which we provide everything from specially equipped ATVs to special gear and telecommunication equipment.

Large scale IT

We satisfy our clients large scale IT needs by delivering a large number of IT products ranging from servers and server equipment to portable workstations and office equipment. We also provide consumer-scale IT solutions via our peer website.

About Us

A powerful partner that is aware of the constantly changing customer requirements
Providing quality services since 1998, constantly aware of the tech ecosystem.

After working in the wireless telecommunications industry in the early 2000s, being leaders on the Eastern European & Balkan region, with services being provided in a great number of emerging markets, the market found a sharp turn and an extraordinary technology boost took place, thus the need to rethink a strategy emerged.

We have come to the conclusion that nowadays it is almost impossible not to operate in multiple fields and to not be specialized in different industries given the synergetic nature of technology today and the industry interdependent projects our customers require.


    Long term experience in multiple domains


    We only provide solutions meant to solve issues, not create them.


    We only work with the industry leaders to provide you only with state of the art technology.


    We treat each customer individually, thus being able to provide the best solution for you.

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